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The First Floor of the Tower, also known as Headon's Floor, is the Floor of the Tower where Irregulars are tested by the Guardian, Headon. The test in question is a Guardian's test which is gruelling and immensely difficult. It is used to assess the qualities of the Irregular and to determine if they are qualified to pass to the next Floor.

The Guardian's test reflects the "worth of the things"[1] the Irregular wishes to gain from the Tower and in essence, their desires.[2]

There is no Ruler for this Floor and the only resident is Headon.[3]

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Plot SummaryEdit

Baam awakened on the First Floor of the Tower where he encountered Headon, the Guardian of the 1st Floor. Headon welcomed him and decided to test him with a Ball and a White Steel Eel, telling Baam that he could go to the next Floor if he could pop the Ball. When Yuri and Evan arrived, they gave Baam an A-Grade Pocket. Yuri warned Headon that the test was too difficult for Baam, but Headon refused to change the test. However, he did agree to bend the rules and allowed Yuri to lend Baam the Black March to help pass his test.

Baam managed to get past the Steel Eel by letting it swallow him and then stabbing it in the tongue. Consequently, he punctured the ball with the Black March. When the ball turned out be tougher than expected, he popped it by Igniting the Black March, much to Yuri's surprise.

Headon deems this reason enough to allow Baam to pass to the Second Floor, and leaves Yuri to retrieve the Black March on her own. Once they have left, he speaks to a "child" who had been watching the proceedings to that point.

It is later revealed that Rachel entered the First Floor before Baam did and was offered the exact same test, which she refused. When Baam entered after her, it is her that was watching him from the shadows. After Baam ascends to the next Floor, Headon agrees to make her deal so that she could be the heroine of the story.


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