The Guardians are spiritual beings that rule over their floors. They give tests to the Regulars to have come to their floors.


Guardians are nearly united to the Shinsoo on their floors, and have ultimate control over it. They have existed from the ancient times, and they ruled over as the strongest beings in the Tower for a long time. After Enryu killed a Guardian, it was widely known that the Guardians could die, too, but they are still the ultimate beings in the Tower.

Every Guardian from 1st to the 134th floor made a contract with King Jahad, but the Guardians above 134th floor still have no interaction with the humans, and they punish those who climb their floors.

Guardians cannot leave their floors with the exception of Headon, the Guardian of the 1st floor. He is the only one who can visit all floors from the 1st to the 134th floor.

Known GuardiansEdit