Appearance and Personality

Ha Yuri Zahard

First Part - Second Part Yuri HT

Korean Name 하 유리 자하드
Sobriquet Black Snake Head
Status Active
Location Hell Express
Position Fisherman
Family Ha Family

Zahard Family

Affiliations High Rankers

Zahard's Princesses Wolhaiksong

Ranking ~500
Age 618~
Birthplace Ha Family House
Height 180 cm[citation needed]
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 2

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Yuri is renowned as a beautiful Princess with fair skin, piercing red eyes and long flowing dark hair that falls almost to her ankles. Her hair is always seen tied into a ponytail with a red hair ornament on the left side of her head. She also has a very lithe figure and an above average sized bosom.

In Part I she wore a white long-sleeved jacket, black shirt, red tie, red skirt and brown leggings. She had the crest of Zahard on her tie.

In Part II, she was seen wearing a long sleeved pink business shirt, with a long maroon skirt and matching blouse. She wore an overcoat with red and black fluff in royal appearances. She was seen without her tie at this time. In her most recent appearance Yuri wears a smart dark grey jacket, over a black t-shirt, and black trousers.

Personality-wise, she is hot-tempered and notorious for taking rash decisions - to the frequent dismay of her companion and guide, Evan Edrok; also, she has been shown to be strong rather than smart (e.g., wanting to smash through a screen in order to get to Baam, who was being displayed on said screen).


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