"Why not? If I am correct, Ms. Yuri, every Irregular to enter the Tower has been devastatingly strong. Why should this boy be any different?" Headon is the Guardian of the First Floor.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Headon has the appearance of a white rabbit because of his long ears. He swirls a long yellow stick with two green balls at the ends.

He talks in a friendly manner, but can in fact be a bit cruel. He looks at things in a seemingly logical fashion.


Although Guardians can't desert their floors, Headon is the only Guardian who can visit other floors from the 1st to the 134th. He is also one of the vetaran Guardians in the Tower. Headon is the one selecting the Regulars, and because Regulars go straight to the Second Floor when they come into the Inner Tower, they don't get to see him.

Plot SummaryEdit

When Rachel had entered the Tower, calling him "Fae", and asking for guidance. He told her she wasn't allowed to climb the tower, to her dismay. She asked for a chance to gain the oppurtunity, and Headon called upon the Ball test. When she denied such a dangerous test, she was locked away, and forced to watch Baam take the test in order to find her.

When Baam, in search of his friend Rachel, comes into the Tower, Headon welcomes him. Then he tests him with a Ball and a White Steel Eel, telling Baam he can go to the next floor if he can pop the Ball. When Yuri arrives and tells him it is too much for Baam, he answers that the test is at the adequate level, because Baam is an Irregular. However, Headon agrees to bend the rules and says that if Yuri lends Baam the Black March, he would look away just this once.

When Baam disappears with Black March after popping the Ball, Headon rushes Yuri to go and find him. After the angered Yuri goes away, he asks Rachel who had been watching the entire test what she will do now that Baam has begun climbing the tower and Rachel wonders why it was that Baam had been chosen and not her. Headon replies that it is the will that's important, complimenting Baam's courage and saying Rachel is unqualified to climb the tower. He does say that if she can fulfil his request, he will let her be the heroine of this story.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Teleportation: Headon can instantly teleport himself and others through The Tower. When he does this, a pink flash appears momentarily.

As a Guardian, it is assumed that Headon is immensely powerful, since only one Guardian has ever been killed.