"Congratulations... On becoming the heroine of the story."

Hwa Ryun is a Regular. She is of the guide position, and was assigned to guide Rachel through the Tower. Evan Edrok seems to recognise her. She posed as a regular so she could guide Rachel without suspicion. She entered the tests on the Second Floor and teamed up with Yung Changsoo and Goon. She refused to ally with the other teams in the Crown Game, and wiped them all out until she was stopped by Androssi. She got past Androssi and attacked Lachel, and as a result was wounded by Baam. She was then assigned the Wave Controller position.

Throughout the majority of the story, she is thought to only have one eye, due to Baam's Shinsoo atacking her, but this is revealed to not be the case.

She covered her face with a jeweled mask, until it was smashed by Baam, after which she only covered half her face. She fights using Shinsoo to enhance her strength and speed, and also uses a gold staff that can fly and attack using Shinsoo.

It ought to be noted that she encountered Evan, who seemed surprised to see her, although they did not talk.

Hwa seems to be an incredibly manipulative character, in a way that's far more sinister and more significant than Koon's kind of mere trickery. She appears to be heavily involved in the undeveloped conspiracy concerning Rachel. She even congratulated her after the Submerged Fish test, saying "Congratulations, Rachel, for becoming the heroine of the story."