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A Ranker (랭커, raengkeo) is a being who has reached the top of the Zahard Empire (currently 134th Floor) and has been given a Rank - e.g. Lero-Ro is most likely somewhere between 3000 and 1000. This Rank is not to be confused with the Ranking and Grading that both Rankers and Regulars continuously receive.

This Rank is issued by the Ranking Administration Office (랭킹 관리국, Raengking Gwahnligook; or "Ranking Affairs Bureau") and it is calculated after investigating and combining statistics such as a person's power, recognition and influence. There are some who hold high rankings due to the influence they hold (e.g. Baek Ryun) and there are others who have weak combat strength but hold high Rankings due to some other reasons like "serving the Royalty (e.g. Evan Edrok)".

As an example: Due to the Eurasia Enne incident, Eurasia Enne Zahard gained over 1000 Ranks and was listed as 7th in the rankings. Her gain in Rank, was in part due to her abilities and also infamy.

Rankers are sometimes Test Directors or Test Administrators of Floors. They are viewed as gods and have a much higher status than Regulars and are preferentially treated.

They may also use the Middle Area's staircases to either skip certain Floors or to travel between the Inner and Outer Towers. However, it is unknown if there are checkpoints along the Middle Area's staircases or if any other methods are used to restrict clearance mainly to Rankers. Though they are permitted many benefits (such as the right to freely travel amongst the Inner, Middle and Outer Towers), they are usually restricted from entering the Regulars' Districts.

It is important not to confuse the achievement of reaching the top of the Zahard Empire (which confers Ranker status) with reaching the top of the tower; no one has yet reached the top of the tower itself.

High RankerEdit

If a Ranker's ranking is in the top 1% of total Rankers, he/she can become a High Ranker (하이 랭커, hai raengkeo). There are about 1000 High Rankers in total. High Rankers are often described as gods among gods.

High Rankers earn the right to go up to the 135th Floor but the Guardian of this Floor is very hostile.[1] So, it is unknown how many have succeeded in talking to it or even convinced the Guardian to allow someone not "chosen" by the Tower [2] to be tested by it.[3] This is because only Irregulars can request to take a Guardian's test.[2]

But for now, not a single High Ranker has been known to have ascended to the next Floor.

Only those of a level equal to a High Ranker can become a Ruler.[4]


Sobriquet (이명, Eemyeong; "nickname" or "synonym") is a type of nickname issued by the Ranking Administration Office, usually in reference to the High Ranker's battle Position or other aspects. It shouldn't be confused with an ordinary nickname like "eyeball ghost". Only High Rankers like Garam Zahard, Eurasia Enne Zahard, Yu Han Sung get to receive a sobriquet. Rankers like Ren, Quant, Lero-Ro and Mule Love have none. Guardians don't have sobriquets.

A sobriquet can also be turned down, as Baek Ryun and Koon Eduan refused their sobriquets.

Also, a person might be presented with more than 1 sobriquet as Koon Eduan is called Marlin and Blue Thunderclap. It's unknown if the limit is 2 sobriquets.

Fishermen are usually given the names of Shinheuh (specifically fish species).[5] For example: Yuri Zahard's sobriquet is the Black Snakehead/Mullet. Guides are usually given the names of Boats. For example: Evan Edrok's sobriquet is the Fast Ship. Wave Controllers are usually given the names of winds and waves. For example: Po Bidau Gustang's sobriquet is the Lonely Wave.

A few examples of Sobriquets being named after something, other than a battle Position: Enryu's sobriquet is called "Red Tower" because whenever he passes by, the Shinsoo around him turns red for some unknown reason. Zahard is the first King in the Tower's history and his sobriquet is King of the Tower.

Known RankersEdit

Rankers In Order of Rank
Rank Name Sobriquet Position Info
1 Phantaminum(Inactive) Riddle Unknown Irregular
2 Enryu(Inactive) Red Tower Spear Bearer Irregular
3 Zahard(Inactive) King of the Tower Fisherman King of the Tower
4 Urek Mazino(Active) Ray Barracuda Fisherman Irregular and co-founder of Wolhaiksong
5 Arie Hon(Active) White Sword; White Oar Fisherman Head of the Arie Family and 100th Floor Ruler
6 Koon Eduan(Active) Marlin; Blue Thunderclap Spear Bearer, Jeonsulsa Head of the Koon Family
7 Adori Zahard(Active) Killer Whale Fisherman Zahard Princess, Head of the Royal Guard and owner of the Golden November
7 Eurasia Enne Zahard(Sealed) Great White Shark Fisherman Zahard Princess and owner of the Colourless December
9 Baek Ryun(Active) None Wave Controller Co-founder of Wolhaiksong
10 Ha Yurin(Active) Snake Head Scout, Fisherman Head of the Ha Family
11 Tu Perie Tperie(Active) God's Eye Light Bearer Head of the Tu Perie Family
12 Molic One P. GR(Active) Molic One Unclassified Eldest of the Three Lords
13 Eurasia Blossom(Active) Flower Shrimp Wave Controller Head of the Eurasia Family
14 Po Bidau Gustang(Active) Lonely Wave Wave Controller Head of the Bidau Family
15 Grace Mirchea Luslec(Active) Heretic; Tiger Fish Fisherman Leader of FUG
16 Hendo Lok Bloodmadder(Active) Long-Life Turtle Defender Head of the Hendo Family
17 Yeon Hana(Active) Cichlid Fisherman, Wave Controller Head of the Yeon Family
36 Arie Hagipherione Zahard(Active) Unknown Unknown Zahard's Princess and owner of the Red October
60~ Evankhell(Active) Unknown Unknown 2nd Floor Ruler
Top 100 Ha Jinsung(Active) Unknown Fisherman FUG member
Top 100 Koon Maschenny Zahard(Active) Unknown Fisherman, Jeonsulsa Zahard's Princess and owner of the Yellow May
100~ Evan Edrok(Active) Fast Ship Guide Chief Guide of Zahard Family
500~ Ha Yuri Zahard(Active) Black Snake Head Fisherman Zahard's Princess and owner of the Black March and Green April
500-1000 Yu Han Sung(Active) Submerged Fish Wave Controller, Dansulsa, Wonsulsa, Anima 2nd Floor Test Director
High Ranker Ari Han(Active) Unknown Unknown Head of the Ari Family
High Ranker Augusgus(Active) Unknown Unknown 20th Floor Test Director
High Ranker Garam Zahard(Unknown) Mako Shark Unknown Zahard's Princess and owner of the Blue August and Indigo July
High Ranker Heice Zahard(Active) Unknown Unknown Zahard's Princess
High Ranker Madoraco(Active) Grey Catfish Unknown FUG member
High Ranker Pondo Zahard(Active) Unknown Unknown Zahard's Princess
Ranker Alphid Zahard(Active) None Unknown Zahard's Princess and owner of the Luminous June
Ranker An Zahard(Active) None Unknown Zahard's Princess and owner of the Silver January
Ranker Baylord Yama(Active) None Unknown FUG Slayer
Ranker Hachuling(Active) None Scout Wolhaiksong member and defector from Koon Family
Ranker Hax(Active) None Fisherman 2nd Floor Test Admin
Ranker Imort(Active) None Unknown FUG Slayer
Ranker Karaka(Active) None Unknown FUG Slayer
Ranker Kurudan(Active) None Wave Controller, Dansulsa Wolhaiksong member
Ranker Lero-Ro(Active) None Light Bearer, Jeonsulsa Former 2nd Floor Test Admin
Ranker Lo Po Bia Ren(Active) None Wave Controller, Anima Royal Enforcement Division member #67
Ranker Mule Love(Active) None Spear Bearer 20th Floor Test Admin
Ranker Ms. Ice Strawberry(Active) None Unknown Wolhaiksong member
Ranker Ms. Ice Strawberry's Partner(Active) None Unknown Wolhaiksong member
Ranker Noma(Active) None Unknown 21st Floor Test Admin
Ranker Pedro(Active) None Unknown Train conductor of the Hell Express, FUG member and loyal follower of Karaka
Ranker Poken(Active) None Unknown FUG Executive
Ranker Quant Blitz(Active) None Scout, Hwayeomsa Former 2nd Floor Test Admin
Ranker Unnamed Ranker(Active) None Unknown FUG member
Ranker Yu Bok-Dol(Active) None Spear Bearer 2nd Floor Test Admin
Ranker Yuje(Active) None Unknown Wolhaiksong member
? Robert Aisand(Active) The Cold Wave Unknown Deputy Director of the Ranker Administration Office

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