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Tower of God is a Korean webcomic by SIU (Slave.In.Utero) published on Naver. This wiki is dedicated to documenting all of the information on ToG. Please help by adding more information after checking the the ToG Contents Page where it links to many important pages, which in turn connect to almost every page on the Wiki. Thank you very much!



Baam, Koon, Androssi and the rest.


Manhwa of the series.


The challenges that await...


SIU, or Slave.In.Utero, is the author of Tower of God. He lives to love seafood and many Tower of God names and themes are inspired by aquatic life.

SIU is also the author of many other Talse Uzer Stories. The universe of Talse Uzer is governed by a set of laws and history can never be changed. As such, there is a very finite aspect to Talse Uzer Stories as mentioned by SIU. The series of Talse Uzer contains Tower of God among the author's other works.

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Welcome to the Talse Uzer WikiEdit

Talse Uzer Story is the universe that SIU (Slave In Utero - The Author) has based his manhwa "Tower of God" in, and will hopefully set many more manhwa for the future here. Here is the home for info about manhwa, written by SIU and based in Talse Uzer. Make your contribution today, and join in the fun!

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"Tower of God"Edit

Yep, one of our many favourite web-comics, SIU's current web-manhwa, "Tower of God" is the main article!

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Latest Chapter

Vol.2 Chapter 190: Baam (and Koon) surprises everyone when he saves Mad Dog's life on the second turn of Go To Hell, before vowing to save ALL the hostages!

Meanwhile Princess Yuri begins her fight with the FUG train conductor Pedro.

List of Chapters

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