The Tower is the world and setting of Tower of God. There are currently 134 confirmed floors, and at the top, everything that could be wanted is up there. The Tower is basically divided into 3 parts: Inner Tower, Outer Tower, and Middle Area.

Inner TowerEdit

Inner Tower is where the selected Regulars climb the Tower. The Guardians of each floor give Regulars an exam, and the Regulars must pass it to go to the next floor. Anyone who reaches the 134th floor becomes a Ranker.

Regulars that reach the 20th floor can exit to the Middle Tower if they wish, or continue to climb. The option to exit remains open all the way through their climb above 20.

Outer TowerEdit

Outer Tower is the residental district. Each floor of the Outer Tower is enormous. Once a person shows potential of climbing the Tower, he/she get chosen and becomes a Regular, earning the right of going up. The cultures of each floor are all different, and the climates and temperatures all vary. These conditions have been decided by the tendencies of the Guardians and the Rulers of each floor.

Each area of the Outer Tower and Middle Area is managed by the Lord (the title is different each floor. They are called President, Chief, etc.) of the area. The Lords are all Rankers.

Middle AreaEdit

The Middle Area is an area between the Inner and Outer sections. Both Regulars and Rankers can live there. It can be used to travel between the Inner and Outer Tower, and also can be used by Rankers to skip floors of the Inner Tower.

The TopEdit

The current know top of the Tower is the 134th floor. There are floors above that, but no one can get past the 135th floor. It is said that the one who reaches the top will be able to see the stars.

It is strongly believed that the day Zahard is on the move again, is when the Tower will go up another floor.