Jyu Viole Grace
(Twenty-Fifth Baam)

First Part - Second Part

Korean Name

스물다섯번째 밤V

쥬 비올레 그레이스

Status Active
Location Hell Express
Position Wave Controller
Affiliations Irregulars

Team Tangsooyook

Height 168cm[citation needed]
First Appearance Vol.1 Chapter 1
"Stars, thrones, skies, the Outside World, I don't need any of those things. But if someone tries to hurt someone precious to me, I will fight."[1]
- Jyu Viole Grace to Urek Mazino

Twenty-Fifth Baam, (스물다섯번째 밤, Seumooldahseotbeonjjae Bahm; "Twenty-Fifth Night") or Baam (밤, Bam; Bahm; "Night") for short, is an Irregular and one of the main protagonists of Tower of God. Baam entered in search of his best friend Rachel, another Irregular,[2][3] and after passing Headon's test he was deemed worthy to climb the Tower. After later being forcibly recruited into FUG, Baam joined Team Tangsooyook and eventually managed to escape from FUG's clutches and eventually reunited with his old teammates and friends.

He is currently on the Hell Express with Koon, Hwa Ryun and other allies. They are fighting in the Dallar Show against Hoaqin and his team in order to save his friends.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Name's Origin: He is named after his birthdate, the "twenty-fifth night". Later, the Guardian of the First Floor, Headon, abbreviates his name to Baam, joking; "It has become a tasty name!" In Korean, the word 'baam' has two meanings: one is 'night' and the other 'chestnut'.[4] The Second Floor Guardian also uses this pun by telling Baam, "You...look tasty".[5][6] Rachel, at one point, says she is afraid of the "night", assumedly making a reference to Baam.[7]
    • He goes under the alias Jue Viole Grace in Season 2. It is speculated that he might have been adopted by the leader of FUG, Grace Mirchea Luslec, but that has yet to be confirmed.
    • It has been stated in a blog post[8] by SIU that the origin of the name "Viole" is the colour violet. Amusingly enough, "Viole" is an old French word used to describe a European bowed stringed instrument used in the Medieval period. Viole now occasionally wears shirts that are purple.
  • An amusing fact about Baam: With the sole exception of Anak, who is a half-princess, Baam seems to be able to attract, romantically, any princess of Jahad he comes across. Two examples are the affections shown towards him by Endorsi and Yuri, though it might just be the author's way to add comic relief moments for the latter. (SIU's comment from his blog: "Baam will break the hearts of many more girls." ^^ )
  • According to the results of the World's Greatest Shinsoo Competition, Viole comes in first place with 134,769 points using Floral Butterfly Piercing Technique. It has been speculated by some that this is not Viole's true power, as evidenced by his hand gesture which is not even a fist. Therefore, it's hinted that SIU would not show the true extent of Viole's newfound and improved prowess in Part II just yet.
  • He is extremely polite, to the extent of saying "sorry" when he's about to fail someone. (Example: Season 2 Chapter 11, conversation between Viole and Yeon.)
  • He is rich enough to afford the best apartment on the 21st Floor, courtesy of FUG.
  • He is apparently a great cook, having to cook for himself and Yeon, with Wangnan even calling him a super chef. His best dish is cream spaghetti,[9][10] which happens to be a dish Androssi ordered before the Submerged Fish Test. He even cleans the house and does the laundry.[11]
  • Surprisingly, Viole's clothes are all picked by Ha Jinsung. He is troubled by the fact that Jinsung sends him clothes every season.[9][10]
  • Blue Fire: Though not exactly canon, Viole has the power to create blue fire in the Maplestory X Tower of God oneshot where he uses it to stop Demon Slayer from getting the crown.
  • Author's comment (SIU) : "Tower of God is not about Baam; it's about a huge number of main characters." Well, we can all agree that Baam is the eye of the storm.
  • After the 28th Floor test (and its junk food reward), Viole buys junk food items for Team Tangsooyook. However, he has to eat them in secret or else Goseng will confiscate them since they're unhealthy. As a result, Viole has become a "black market" supplier and is very much loved by Miseng and Prince.[12][10]
  • According to Hwa Ryun, it is thanks to Ha Jinsung that FUG gives some freedom to Baam.[13]
  • He is ambidextrous, but was taught to use his right hand more.[14]


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Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • (Korean Pronunciation) Seu-mool-dah-seot-beon-jjae Bahm, Bahm
  • (Meaning) Twenty-Fifth Night, Night or Chestnut
  • (LINE) Twenty-Fifth Bam, Bam
  • (LINE) Jue Viole Grace


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